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Jesse Thomas is a citizen public servant, business executive and retired health plan CEO and NOT a career politician or extremist. He’s a recently published author of a short self help book Financial Peace Of Mind From The Scriptures. He believes there is a silent wide middle ground majority between the two extremes which leans neither left nor right but forward. A middle ground no nonsense, conservative citizen who believes in doing better and being better to ensure equal access and opportunity for all. As such, he supports the ideal of a “Big Tent” that was first envisioned by the party of Lincoln - the party of abolition - the party of freedom - and, the party of equal access and opportunity. In that regard, Jesse is a crusader for the party to return to its roots. And he is a peacemaker through welcoming more independent and unaffiliated registered voters to the republican party to bridge the gaping divide. Also, he is an advocate for those voters to get more engaged in the process of selecting conservative nominees during the primaries. He believes no nonsense republicans will win their hearts and minds due to our better, more inclusive ideas and policies. And, Jesse passionately believes this openness combined with term limits are the solution to restoring the ideal of public service over politics.

His early background is one of poverty and under-privilege. However, his will to achieve and improve the lives of all individuals including at risk populations motivated him to overcome long odds. And he progressed from the cotton fields as a son of sharecroppers to the corner office as a health plan CEO in multiple markets, states and regions over a long and rewarding career as a successful business executive.

Jesse's childhood home


His academic background is in Pre-Medicine with an Undergrad Major in Psych. His Graduate Studies were in Psychology, Management, Accounting and Economics. His over 30 years of experience in healthcare and public service documents his passion and achievements around improving the health and quality of life for the vulnerable and underserved. Over his career, he has built exceptional strengths in P&L, business development and expansion, communications, team building and professional development, strategic planning, problem solving, public policy and advocacy. He has an impressive track record of helping organizations in both the public and private sectors demonstrate maximum value to their stakeholders and the community through profitable and cost-effective management. Through numerous leadership and management challenges, Jesse has achieved results that were often far beyond expected goals.

He is the recently retired CEO of the Medicaid Segment at Blue Cross Blue Shield of NC where he was the lead executive of a strong RFP (Request For Proposal) response. This resulted in a statewide contract award achieving over 500,000 members across all 100 counties in NC and over $2.0 Billion in annual revenue. He was the day-to-day P&L leader and CEO - Healthy Blue, the healthcare plan. Also, he has a long and storied career with over 30 years of executive leadership. Jesse has held numerous other CEO and leadership positions across the country. And, he was a regulator through his service as the Chief Administrator, Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services’ Office of Healthcare Purchasing (OHP).

Apart from his executive career, Jesse has been involved in a great number of public and community service positions. Some of his most notable roles included candidate for the US Congress and as alternate delegate to the Republican National Convention from Colorado. And he was the Health Policy Advisor for Michigan Governor / Candidate Rick Snyder. Governor Snyder was elected for two full terms as a successful healthcare reformer which included the launch of Marketplace and Medicaid expansion as two major planks in his Re-Invent Michigan healthcare platform. Jesse just completed his service on the: Board of Trustees, UNC-Pembroke; NC Child Board; NC American Indian Health Board; and as the Chairman, North Carolina Forward Party movement. 

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