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Pass the Budget by September 1, 2023 or separate Medicaid expansion implementation from the Budget.

Doing so has a budget neutral impact. And this will ensure the launch plan remains on track with the already expedited approval from CMS (the Federal Agency) to implement in just 30-days instead of the more usual 90-days or more. 

As a result, expansion implementation would be effective on October 1, 2023 instead of being delayed through the Holiday Season and potentially into 2024 conflicting with the  campaign filing and election season (from December 2023 through the Primary in March 2024) which will surely cause even greater gridlock.

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This matters because for every month of delay the State is abandoning over 600,000 citizens...

who could be receiving routine primary care and screenings for cancer, diabetes, heart and lung disease, prostate, etc. and all preventive diseases; including screenings for mental health and substance use disorders like the epidemic levels of Fentanyl and opioids in NC and our schools; to only be seen much later in the Emergency Department when the cost is far more expensive by at least 10 times greater, and the health outcome is far more catastrophic and deadly because of absolutely unnecessary unconscionable delay. 

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No tax paying citizen supports the nonsense...

of our legislative leaders throwing away at least $500 Million per month in Federal funding, the enormous signing bonus of nearly $2 Billion, and a turbocharged $8 Billion per year in economic impact to North Carolina because the legislation has already been passed and signed into law amid great fanfare 5-months ago. 

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This nonsense is the very definition of political gridlock...

 while ignoring the will and the interest of “we the people”; including hospitals, physicians and the entire healthcare provider and delivery system.


“We can do better and be better” - pass the Budget now or carve out Medicaid expansion implementation!

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As your Governor I will...

Issue an Executive Order for a NC First In Healthy strategy and lens for all agencies of state government focused on the three planks within my vision to achieve: a) Healthy Population, b) Healthy Economy, and c) Healthy Education System.

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Medicaid Expansion Implementation is a mission critical driver...

within all three planks given the pent up demand of 600,000 citizens now eligible for health and wellness services. And, the resources and solutions enabled by $8 Billion of economic impact that will require state agencies be led and overseen by a seasoned state’s CEO and business executive to drive a First In Healthy lens to marshall all the resources and policies at the State’s disposal with a fierce urgency of now. As such, I will ensure: a) parity between mental health and physical health as an urgent priority including screenings for mental health and substance use disorders for the epidemic levels of Fentanyl and opioids in NC and our schools b) cutting unnecessary red tape and overburdensome regulations which frustrate efficient workforce development needed to help ensure timely readiness of more skilled, mid-level clinicians and trained community health workers enter the jobs pipeline; and c) expedited recruitment of more in state and out of state educators to quickly train as many eager youth and adult students and learners as required.


This fierce urgency of now and leadership will help our great state continue to demonstrate we’re open for business and striving for progress and prosperity for all our citizens. In doing so, I’m determined to have North Carolina become the happiest, healthiest destination state in the country now and for decades to come. And, we will continue on an exciting pathway to a thriving economy, and a fulsome workforce through tens of thousands of jobs to be filled by providers, students, small and mid sized businesses, schools and colleges of every variety. We can do better and be better!

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