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Republican Jesse Thomas exits race for N.C. Governor - enters race for Secretary of State


November 1, 2023

(Cary, NC)JESSE THOMAS announces the suspension of his gubernatorial campaign and the launch of his candidacy for the Republican nomination for Secretary of State of North Carolina.

Thomas calls for term limits, following Secretary Marshall’s 28-year career in the office. Also, because a predecessor held the office for 53 years. An urgent change is long overdue!

“Secretary Elaine Marshall has been in office since the Clinton administration. On her watch, the office has devolved from serving as the Chief Economy & Business Officer of the state to serving as the ‘Notary in Chief’ said Jesse Thomas. “As Secretary of State I will advance our business systems to the cutting edge of modernization, actively focus on economic development by seeking out companies within North Carolina to expand and persuading other businesses to relocate to the Tarheel state. Also, I will aggressively advocate to the General Assembly to enact term limits for this critical Constitutional office and eliminate the State Income Tax starting immediately with our senior citizens, teachers, and active duty military” said Jesse Thomas.

Jesse Thomas is the former CEO of Healthy Blue at Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina and a self-described “No Nonsense Republican.” Jesse aims to provide real results for the citizens of North Carolina by rejecting the nonsense within our political system and embracing the lessons learned during his career as a healthcare CEO.



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