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Republican Jesse Thomas officially files to run for North Carolina’s Secretary of State


December 5th, 2023

(Cary, NC) – JESSE THOMAS made his candidacy for the office of Secretary of State in North Carolina official by filing his formal paperwork on December 4th to appear on the ballot.

“North Carolina needs new, fresh leadership ready to challenge the status quo on day one. For the past 28 years, the Secretary of State’s office has devolved from being the Chief Business Development and Economic Office for the state to being mostly a glorified taxpayer-funded notary service,” said Jesse Thomas. "Republicans have not held the office of Secretary of State since 1877. The incumbent has held this office for nearly 30 years and one of her predecessors for over 50 years. That amount of time in office might make sense for a King or Queen, but not for an elected public servant, which is why I strongly support and will champion term limits for public officials, especially the Secretary of State starting with my term in this office."

Jesse Thomas is also the only candidate to pledge to support the complete elimination of North Carolina’s state income tax. “North Carolinians need leaders that understand the value of a hard-earned dollar,” said Thomas. “We need to create a competitive tax environment that not only attracts new economic opportunities but also helps hard-working families who need that money to put food on the table and pay the bills.”

Jesse Thomas is the former CEO of Healthy Blue at Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina and a self-described “No Nonsense Republican.” Jesse aims to provide real results for the citizens of North Carolina by rejecting the nonsense within our political system and embracing the lessons learned during his career as a healthcare CEO.



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