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I am a No Nonsense Republican, citizen public servant, business executive and retired health plan CEO. So, I’m not a career politician or beholden to a tribal litmus test. Instead, I’m guided by two simple principles: 1) does it pass the straight face test, and 2) does it put the interest of “we the people” ahead of the interests of pure politics and eliminate the status quo? I’m so sick and tired of the political gridlock and Republicans losing key statewide races in the Council of Government offices.

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First - As the future Secretary of State in North Carolina,

I am committed to introducing legislation aimed at implementing term limits for this role. It is both remarkable and concerning that the current Secretary of State has occupied this position for an astonishing 28 years, and her predecessor, elected before her, held the same office for an incredible 53 years. This over extended period of entitlement to the office pleads for a fresh perspective, innovative ideas and a renewed sense of purpose within the office.

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in North Carolina, I am wholeheartedly committed to fostering a sense of "fierce urgency of now." I will actively spearhead collaborative efforts within the Council of Government and engage with other essential stakeholders to ensure the comprehensive and timely implementation of our Medicaid expansion. This expansion was approved by resounding Republican supermajorities in both the General Assembly and State Senate in 2023, subsequently becoming law. However, it is crucial that we continue to work diligently to unleash its full potential and generate the maximum economic benefits for the people of North Carolina.

Second - Drawing upon my experience as a former Medicaid health plan CEO

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Third - I am deeply committed to fostering economic growth,

and I will vigorously advocate for and facilitate public-private partnerships across all sectors of our economy. To achieve this, I will embark on statewide and national travels aimed at promoting market expansion and attracting new businesses to North Carolina. Furthermore, I will take the lead in assembling a delegation that includes our Senators and other dedicated elected officials, all sharing the common goal of making North Carolina the premier destination for business in the United States. My unwavering dedication to economic expansion is resolute.

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Fourth - Since the Secretary of State has a duty to oversee the economy,

I will aggressively advocate to the General Assembly to pass tax reduction policies to stimulate and turbocharge the economy. In that regard, I will advocate for tax relief urgently for all citizens to achieve zero percent state income tax by 2028. As part of this vision and plan I will champion zero percent state income tax for senior citizens, teachers and active duty military to become effective in the very next biennial budget.  Equally crucial to a booming economy is a reduction in red tape and overburdensome regulations. As such, I will fight for more "Sandbox" initiatives for other major segments of our economy including for example, agriculture, insurance and education; like we've already done for the banking and financial sector.

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Fifth - Absolutely essential to a robust and burgeoning economy

is my vision for North Carolina to be First In Healthy: a) Healthy Economy for Business and Consumers, b) Healthy Education System for Workforce Readiness, and c) Healthy Population for Thriving Families and Sustainable Workforce. In combination, First In Healthy will modernize our business processes and communicate to the State, Country and the World that North Carolina is enthusiastically open and ready for business.

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